Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Alfalfa for Montgomery County, Texas

We arrived last evening with another load of fresh alfalfa from New Mexico, fresh as in straight out of the field. The farmer's employees set the hay on the trailer with a gadget on front of tractor that picks up about 8 bales at once, called a Farmhand. They place the bales on the trailer and 6 men stack the hay six high. This process takes a little over an hour. Then they lift the tarps up and men help us chain and strap and tarp. Then the men ride the Farmhand down. Load is about 14' high.

The really fun part, I get to help untarp when we get home.

Come see us if you need alfalfa, 1 1/2 inch rock, bull rock. pea gravel, or road gravel.

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