Tuesday, September 1, 2009

First Year Hay

Yesterday, David brought a load of first year alfalfa back. The NM farmer planted several new fields this year and we loaded out of the field. Pretty green alfalfa with small stems. These are 65 plus average weight with two wires.

We also still have plenty of the 4x4x8 bales of alfalfa...in Montgomery, TX. Phone if you need some: nine three six five nine seven four one four one. Happy Week.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Photo of loading hay in field July 15th

Dates are wrong on photo. I changed batteries in camera and forgot to reset date. Sorry.

4x4x8 bales of alfalfa in Montgomery, TX

We have a load of 4x4x8 bales of alfalfa in Montgomery in back barn for sale. It's striped hay, light green with a little bleach from extra dewy morn before baling. This came from NM, where we get our small bales. Good for horses or makes great hay for cattle.

Dave will load it oon your trailer for 175.00 per bale. It's the equivalent of a little over 21 bales of two-wire 65 pound bales.

Email or phone nine three six five nine seven four one four one, for more info.

We have a couple of hundred two wire bales, and we'll be going after more in about a week. Photo is of that load being loaded in the field on the 15th, can't get much fresher than that.

A huge thanks to all our loyal customers. Have a great weekend.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Drop by

New load of alfalfa in early a.m. July 16

We can meet your rock needs, too, pea gravel, 5/8 rock, bull rock and 1 1/2 inch rock for French drains and sewer lines.

Phone number 936 Five Nine seven four One four One

Friday, June 26, 2009

Alfalfa Hay Update

Good News. The NM farmer said the barn we load out of in the winter is already full of nice alfalfa. That's very good news since our customer base grew last year, we ran out of alfalfa about eight weeks before the new cutting started in spring of 2009, and we brought in compressed bales to supplement until the regular hay season.

As of June 26, our barn here in Montgomery is out of the two-wire square bales until Tuesday June 30, however, there are some compressed bales available if you are out. These could tide you over until Tuesday.

Phone or email if you need something. Regular customers know our phone numbers or look us up on the Web under Messecar's Trucking.

A big thank you to our customers. Since we've had to deadhead (without a load going out), your purchases are helping keep alfalfa coming into Montgomery, County, TX.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Alfalfa for Montgomery County, Texas

We arrived last evening with another load of fresh alfalfa from New Mexico, fresh as in straight out of the field. The farmer's employees set the hay on the trailer with a gadget on front of tractor that picks up about 8 bales at once, called a Farmhand. They place the bales on the trailer and 6 men stack the hay six high. This process takes a little over an hour. Then they lift the tarps up and men help us chain and strap and tarp. Then the men ride the Farmhand down. Load is about 14' high.

The really fun part, I get to help untarp when we get home.

Come see us if you need alfalfa, 1 1/2 inch rock, bull rock. pea gravel, or road gravel.